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Katy Hurt Announces New Single “Wish I Could Give You Up”



Katy Hurt

Following the release of “Sounds Good In A Bar” and her 17-date tour across the UK, singer-songwriter Katy Hurt has announced her next single, “Wish I Could Give You Up,” coming this Friday, May 20th.

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“I’ve given my whole life to music since I was a little girl and it’s been an incredible journey of highs and lows. This song sums up my relationship with songwriting and artistry and how throughout the years creativity has become my vice. My go to for when I need an infusion of joy and the thing I turn too when I’m in my darkest hour. The journey of being a musician has brought me such light and sadness in equal measure. This song is the story of acceptance for that journey! 

I wrote this song with Gab Zsapka and Murray Pulver and it was recorded out in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Stereobus Recording studios. It is the second single from my upcoming debut album.”

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