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Keith Urban Announces Collaboration With P!NK



Keith Urban has revealed that he has collaborated with P!NK on a brand new track ‘One Too Many’ taken from his forthcoming new album, THE SPEED OF NOW – Part 1, available on the 18th September.   

“When I collaborate, I’m always looking for that ‘third thing” said Urban “There’s what I do, there’s what my collaborator does and then there’s this ‘third thing’ that I’m most curious about.  That’s what interests me the most – when the sum of the parts becomes even more than what I envisioned.  That’s what I love so much about it – finding common ground, shaping it and bringing it together.”

Urban also revealed that “Out The Cage,” the album’s opening track, highlights a collaboration with Breland and the legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers, and an alternate version of “We Were,” features the song’s co-writer, Eric Church.

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