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Keith Urban Loved ‘Blue Ain’t Your Colour’ Immediately After Hearing It For The First Time



KU2_0671_ColorFINAL_NEW6_EmailSize-768x717-768x717Keith Urban recorded only a few songs from outside writers on his Ripcord, and his latest single “Blue Ain’t Your Color” is one of them. He immediately fell in love with the song, which was crafted by Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary Lindsey and Clint Lagerberg.

“I think I was trying to find songs and write songs to what I had done in the past, just that felt different for me. This song called ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ came along, and it was just one of those that I loved immediately,” says Keith. “I loved the lyric. I loved the melody, the feel, and it’s basically a waltz, you know, like a one, two, three, two, two, three, a one, two, three, two, two, three. But I didn’t want it to feel like a waltz, you know? So, when we recorded the song at Starstruck Studios here in Nashville, we kept it a little more robotic sounding, so it wasn’t a straight band. It was a little more machinery, rhythmically, and I think it kept, hopefully for me at least, it kept it in a unique place that allowed the story to have a lot of space.”

The official clip for “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” the follow-up to three No. 1 songs from Ripcord, should hit video outlets in the coming weeks.

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