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Keith Urban Releases New Single ‘The Fighter’ Featuring Carrie Underwood



Keith Urban releases his new single, “The Fighter,” today. It’s a duet with Carrie Underwood, and the two debuted it live on stage when they toured together Down Under in December. Keith co-wrote the song, the follow-up to his 22nd No. 1 single “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” with busbee, who also co-wrote “Sun Don’t Let Me Down” and “Your Body,” which are also on the album, Ripcord.

Keith said he wanted to write a song that wasn’t a traditional duet, but more of a call-response type of song. “I thought I really would love to write a duet that isn’t the traditional guy and girl singing together, but the girl maybe asking a question and the guy answering her. The early part of relationships sometimes have that need for reassurance, and that’s certainly been my experience,” recalls Keith. “And so, the idea for ‘The Fighter,’ came up with the girl is asking ‘What if I fall?’ And the guy says, ‘I won’t let you fall,’ and she says, ‘If I cry?’ And he says, ‘I won’t make you cry.’ And then she says, ‘If I get scared,’ then he says, ‘I’ll hold you tighter and when the world’s trying to get to you, I’ll be your fighter.’”

Keith is nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Country Album (Ripcord), Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live from the Staples Center in L.A. February 12th at 8pm ET on CBS.

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