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Kenny Foster Announces New Song, ‘Lonely Land’



Kenny Foster will release his new song “Lonely Land” this Friday (Feb 12th) on all streaming platforms.

“Lonely Land” was co-written with Mando Saenz and produced by Mitch Dane, and is the second single released by Foster as part of The Vintage Collection. The first song, “Love You Now” is a duet with fellow emerging star Mae Estes. Foster wrote “Love You Now” with hit songwriter Kirsti Manna (of Blake Shelton’s “Austin”) and released it to all streaming platforms in November of 2020.

Y’all. I’m not gonna lie. Puttin’ on a happy face is getting increasingly more difficult. I know the weight of recent months lies heavy on our collective shoulders, and yet we’re each fighting a distinct battle that’s even more difficult to share as the unintentional run-ins with friends, family, and strangers that can sometimes jolt us into recognizing our place in the world are becoming fewer and farther between. The blessings we do have are harder to see in the monotony of isolation. I don’t know about you, but winter is especially hard for me. I’ve been very lucky in love, but can only imagine how difficult dating, connecting, and sharing space with a relative stranger must feel with layers upon layers of anxiety to contend with in these uncertain times. There’s always been a degree of mystery regarding the future that is common in us humans, but I feel like it’s never been so front of mind. 

In putting together The Vintage Collection, this song kept punching me in the gut when I’d least expect it. I try to find hope in every situation. It’s one of my mantras, even. That’s why this tune never seemed to make a record. I love it. But it’s bleak. It’s stark. It doesn’t have that light at the end. The tunnel continues. And that’s what this period of non-touring and social distancing has felt to me at times.

But I’ve also learned that to feel an ache completely, is to eradicate it. To stare it head on and call it what it is, serves to bring a certain power over it. By giving it a name, we can start to wrestle with it in earnest. And that’s what this tune serves to do. For most, it could seem dark and depressing. No worries. I feel that. But for the lucky few, it may be exactly what they need in times like these. I don’t need everyone to love it. I don’t expect them to. But for those that do, I hope Mando Saenz and I served this mood well enough for them to feel seen and understood in these moments.

On Friday, you’ll have it. And instead of it being mine, it will be ours.

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