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Kenny Foster Releases ‘It Don’t Work Like That’



Kenny Foster has released his new track, “It Don’t Work Like That”, co-written with Melissa Fuller.

This is the third song to be featured in “The Vintage Collection” which are a culmination of demos that, to this point, have only been heard at live shows but have featured some fan favourites. Previous releases include “Lonely Land”, co-written with Mando Saenz and produced by Mitch Dane, and “Love You Now”, a duet with Mae Estes, which Foster co-wrote with hit songwriter Kirsti Manna (of Blake Shelton’s “Austin”).

On “It Don’t Work Like That”, Kenny Foster says:

“One of the sneakiest trappings of youth is the idea that they have it figured. That they’re invincible. That nothing bad happens to those who have cracked the code, succeeded in some sense, climbed some social ladder, gotten good grades, as if that’s all there is to do with this life and the time we have left. 

This is a cautionary tale. A song about the unforeseen blunders of youthful frivolity from a narrator who’s been there/done that. 

I’m not bitter at the idea of naivete. I hope everyone gets some semblance of that in their lives, and that they can hold onto it unscathed for as long as possible. I think the thing that really brings me pause is seeing those who have time on their side hell-bent on smashing headfirst into adult decisions that have inescapable and sometimes irreversible consequences.

The best way to avoid regret is to listen to the hard-fought wisdom of those who got it honest.

There’s the way we think things work, and then there’s the way they actually do. Confusing the two is the foundation of human frustration, discord, and strife. Ignore at your own peril. Sooner or later, we all find out that It Don’t Work Like That.”

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