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Kenny Foster Shares “Copy, Paste, Repeat”



Kenny Foster

Kenny Foster has released his latest track, ‘Copy, Paste, Repeat’, the brand new single from his forthcoming release, Somewhere In Middle America, and the follow up to ‘Poor Kids’ and the album’s title track. Listen here.

“I think it’s beautiful when people find what they want early in life. Love, career, kids, home, etc. Enviable even,” says Kenny. “And for the select few that happens for: congrats, that’s awesome. Only, this song isn’t about them.

“This song is about the underside of that coin. The folks who grow bitter, or angry, or sad about the hand they’ve been dealt. Some people leave before they become those folks. Some people get stuck before they realize that they are those folks. I have a great amount of empathy for this plight, and that empathy breeds a good amount of disdain for the fact that this is anyone’s story. Breaks my heart. I bet it breaks yours too.”

In August, Kenny will be back in the UK, performing at Millport Festival in Scotland (Aug 19-20) alongside Drake White, Sarah Darling, Sunny Sweeney, Ruthie Collins and more, along with a performance at our very own Nashville Sounds in the Round:

Aug 17 – Nashville Sounds in the Round, Birmingham Symphony Hall
Aug 19-20 – Millport Festival, Isle of Cumbrae

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