Kip Moore Announces ‘7 Days At The Rock’ Documentary


As the release of his fourth studio album Wild World nears, Kip Moore continues to share more insight into the upcoming record, today announcing that his timely and thoughtful documentary “7 Days At The Rock” will premiere on Outside TV on May 28th.

The short film offers an unfiltered look into the weeks leading up to the album release (out May 29), as Moore spent time in self-isolation at his remote rock climbing facility, BedRock, located in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Moore reflects on the current times, shifting gears in light of the pandemic while recording his In The Wild Sessions acoustic series and shares some personal reflection. 

The documentary will be available to watch on Outside TV on May 28 at 8pm CT available on all major streaming platforms and devices including The Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus. Moore joins the company of other musicians spotlighted by Outside TV including Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson and Michael Franti. 

Sharing the news of the forthcoming documentary exclusively with Rolling Stone, Moore also premiered a new track “Red White Blue Jean American Dream” today, available to listen here. The only outside cut on the album, written by Jimi Bell, Barton Davies, Luke Dick, Philip Lammonds, it’s a jangle-rock stand out full of pure-American references and razor-sharp hooks, once again pointing to WILD WORLD’S central theme – that life could be less complicated than we make it.

“‘7 Days At The Rock’ came around really organically leading up to the release of this record,” shared Moore. “This is a unique moment in time for all of us that none of us will ever forget and so it felt right to kind of reflect on everything that is going on, as well as shed some light into the process of releasing Wild World. I also really wanted ‘Red White Blue Jean American Dream’ to be the next look into the album.”

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