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Kip Moore Drops New Song “If I Was Your Lover”



Kip Moore

Kip Moore has dropped another new track from his upcoming album, titled “If I Was Your Lover,” available to listen here. Co-written by Moore with Matt Bubel, and the pair co-producing the song with Jaren Johnston (The Cadillac Three), the track sees Moore envision how it would be if the object of his desire was in fact his.

The music video, directed by his longtime collaborator, PJ Brown, sees rising star Morgan Wade joining Moore in Charleston, SC.

“A close friend and incredible musician Matt Bubel came over one day during the initial lockdown,” shared Moore. “We started playing music late into the night and that’s when he played the opening keys riff. My melody immediately fell out when I heard it but was unsure of what I wanted to say.  It had such a hypnotic feel about it and I listened to the recording of only that piece for the next few nights. I woke up with the whole lyric in my head one morning and I’ve been waiting to release this song ever since then. Filming the video with Morgan took the song to a whole new place. I’m excited for fans to hear this, along with see this video.”

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