Kip Moore Is ‘Firing On All Cylinders’ With New Album ‘Slowheart’, Out Today


Multi-PLATINUM singer/songwriter Kip Moore’s highly-anticipated and already-revered third studio album SLOWHEART is available everywhere today (9/8.) Kicking off release week, Moore will head to New York on 9/11 to perform his current Top 10 single “More Girls Like You” live on national TV on TODAY at 9am EST on NBC. While in the city, Moore will also perform and chat about the new release for an AOL Build Series livestream on 9/12 at 5.30pm EST; watch here. In the build up to the release, Moore has also teased fans offering advance listens to the album via NPR’s First Listen as well as live sessions with Billboard and Paste & Daytrotter Music.

Moore’s most unflinching, distinct testimony yet, with co-producer, songwriter and instrumental credits thoughout the LP, critics have been quick to praise the release of SLOWHEART.

“The record, which, as a whole, takes as many cues from rock as it does country, with soulful detours (“Blonde”), melodic anthems (“Bittersweet Company”), and radio-ready sing-alongs (lead single “More Girls Like You”) peppered throughout. Produced primarily by Moore himself, SLOWHEART is his most complete, cohesive declaration of his artistic sensibilities yet.” – American Songwriter 

“Kip Moore has been up all night, he’s been a wild one, but in 2017, he’s a slowheart. The titles of his albums have always been at least somewhat indicative of where he’s at in his life, and his third LP, SLOWHEART, shines a light on his more sensitive side” – Billboard

“A thoroughly vital, 13-song collection…It’s not that Moore avoids contemporary country conventions. He enlivens them by injecting self-awareness or playing up the tensions between country and rock’s various masculine ideals.” – NPR

“As much influenced by a longtime love of Southern rock as traditional country music, SLOWHEART is the sound of an uncompromising, genre-defying artist firing on all cylinders.” – Noisey

“Between the rough edges of Americana, rock and the evocative storytelling of country, produced to let every guitar lick ring true and every edge and wail of Moore’s voice reverberate raw but strong” – Rolling Stone

“Moore blends the passion and connection for which he’s known with a new self-awareness that will speak to both commercial and underground audiences.” – USA Today

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