Kip Moore Says He’s Open And Ready For The Future As ‘More Girls Like You’ Climbs The Charts


Kip Moore’s “More Girls Like You” is poised to enter the Top 10 on the country charts, and the song, which he co-wrote with Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia, is one that is a good representation of where he would like to be some day.

“I wanna always make records that depict where I’m at at that particular place in my life,” says Kip. “This is where I’m at in my life now where, I’m still a wildcard. I’m still aloof and I’m still like might be a little ways away from that, but as I’ve traveled and I’ve been around and seen so many different walks of life and so many cultures, and it’s this constant thing. I’ve watched dads being enamored of their daughters and I look forward to that now. I’m a lot more open to that now. So, that’s what the song is finding that person that you find so amazing that you hope they turn out like that amazing person does.”

“More Girls Like You” is the first single from Kip’s new album, Slowheart, which will be available September 8th.

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