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Kip Moore Releases “Crazy One More Time” To Radio



Kip Moore

Kip Moore has sent his new single, “Crazy One More Time,” to radio. The song has been around for nearly a decade, as the original version appeared on Kip’s 2012 debut album, Up All Night. Kip re-recorded the fan and industry favourite, and it immediately felt like it would be his next hit at radio.

The Georgia native said the idea for the song, which he co-wrote with Chris Lindsey and Aimee Mayo, came after running into someone he used to know.

“The idea for ‘Crazy One More Time’ came about after running into someone that I hadn’t seen in years and someone that I’d had a whole lot of history with,” says Kip.

And like many of his other songs, the lyrics to the song came to him while he was asleep. “The music came first, the guitar riff was something that I sat on for a couple of months. And like many songs that I’ve written, the lyrics a lot of times will come in dream form, and I’d had a dream about the song and all of a sudden, the lyric was there, and I woke up with the lyric at 2 o’clock in the morning and wrote it all out.”

U.S. fans can catch Kip performing “Crazy One More Time” and many more when he hits the road next month, beginning February 24th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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