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Kip Moore Returns From Much-Needed Vacation In Maui/Costa Rica



Kip Moore is back from his much-needed break. After his Me & My Kind Tour stop in Chicago December 10th, he took time off the road for basically the first time since he started his musical journey.

“I just said I was going to take a little break. I never meant that I was going to go away for a long, long time, but I mean I had only had more than seven of eight days off for about six years. I mean, that was the maximum I had in between tours. So, when you’re doing 200 shows a year for six years straight, you know, a week just doesn’t quite cut it,” says Kip. “And, three months off is a pretty long time for me. You know, I didn’t know exactly know how long I was gonna take, but I pretty much had finished the record before I left and so I was able to completely disconnect from it. And, I went to Maui first, then went to Costa Rica, then went to Park City, and now I’m back. Now I’m ready to go.”

Kip, who’s making his way up the country charts with “More Girls Like You,” returns to the road Friday (March 3rd) in Plant City, Florida.


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