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Kyle Daniel Releases 2-Track Digital 45



Kentucky-born, now Nashville-based, Kyle Daniel has released 2 new tracks as a digital 45, now available on all platforms: ‘This American Dream’ and ‘Hollerin’ Hills’. 

Of his latest release, ‘This American Dream’, Kyle hopes the A-side track will inspire hope and unity in troubled, unprecedented times: “I don’t feel like I have a better song to attempt to unify the people of the United States. We’ve driven such a wedge between ourselves, and continue to divide ourselves on a daily basis. The hope for this song is to look back at what our country was built upon and examine where we are today. It is a cry for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is up to us in order to change.”

“This was the first time I had written with Dylan Altman and Will Hoge,” Kyle reflects, “I couldn’t have been happier how this song turned out. I truly hope the message is able to make a positive impact for us all to rise above together.”

Kyle Daniel visited the UK just one year ago (in October 2019) to play CMW (Country Music Week) and blew the UK away. British fans’ reaction was enthusiastic and outstanding, as Kyle himself acknowledged: “The amount of love that I have received since returning from the UK has been unbelievable! The fans that caught wind of our first appearances over the pond, or those who were able to catch one of our shows, are more than just fans; they’re family. I have never been welcomed with such open arms and acceptance in my entire life.”

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