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Kyle Daniel Shares New Video For ‘Hollerin’ Hills’



Kyle Daniel has shared a new music video for his song, ‘Hollerin’ Hills’ from his recent Digital 45 Release.

“As a Kentucky boy,” says Kyle, “I love to talk about my roots. I wrote this with one of my favourite writers in Nashville: Mr. Adam Wright with Carnival Music. Adam’s rooted, literary style has earned him a stellar rep. in Nashville.

“He and I have connected on a songwriting level and I’m very impressed with the creative content we have been able to put together between us. I feel like all of our songs have unique storylines, and therefore they keep the listener’s attention for longer.

“This song is specifically about the eastern Kentucky coalmine strikes, and how the workers went on strike after not being paid wages they deserved. They took a coal train hostage and literally laid down on the tracks until the coal company paid them for the wages due to them. I am very excited to share with the world what Adam and I have been able to create together.”

The video, Live from The Loft, was produced by Nick Stafford in Nashville, TN: footage of a raw, stripped-down live version of the track, featuring Kyle playing with Seth Rentfrow and Drew Smithers on the electric guitar.

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