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Kylie Morgan Announces New EP “Love, Kylie”



Kylie Morgan has announced her debut EP Love, Kylie, coming June 11th – pre-order HERE. Kylie co-wrote all six songs on her new EP and reveals a transparency and vulnerability that compels listeners to peel back the layers of her story.

Produced by Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson, Kylie details her journey through relationships, life as an artist, and life experiences. “This EP is the most personal thing I’ve ever created,” shares Kylie. “Every song is a chapter in my life, and I can’t wait for you all to listen and help me write the rest of the story.”

When it came time to name the EP, Kylie reached back to her early publishing pitches for inspiration. She named the EP Love, Kylie, which was the way she ended each pitch email. She found the sign-off made people feel like they were friends, and that’s how she hopes they feel listening to the EP.

“It’s a pretty vulnerable state,” she said of releasing her first collection of songs. “I realized that every song that I’ve been writing has been either about me, about my family, about a friend, about someone I know. I wanted the whole EP to feel like a cohesive story and for every song to feel like a chapter.”

The fiery new track “I Only Date Cowboys” is available now – listen HERE. Additionally, Kylie has released her official music video for the lead track on the EP, “Shoulda,” a heavy up-tempo with a sassy, rapid-fire vocal about the should’ve known betters when dabbling with an ex.

Love, Kylie Track Listing
1. Shoulda (Kylie Morgan, Shane McAnally, Ben Johnson)
2. I Only Date Cowboys (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Jay Allen)
3. Outdoor Voices (Kylie Morgan, Emily Falvey, Benjamin Joel Johnson)
4. Break Things (Kylie Morgan, Aaron Eshuis, James McNair, Nicolette Hayford)
5. Cheating On You (Kylie Morgan, Benjamin Joel Johnson, Geoffrey Warburton, Jeffrey Garrison)
6. Mad I Need You (Kylie Morgan, Nicholas Oliver Ruth, Emily Weisband) 

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