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Kylie Morgan Drops New EP, “P.S.”



Kylie Morgan

The brand new EP from Kylie Morgan, P.S., is available everywhere now. Kylie co-penned all seven songs, produced by Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson.

“If you’ve ever been in love, dared to dream, been told you’re not good enough, gotten your heart broken or just want to let your hair down and let it all go – I wrote this record for you,” Kylie shares in the clip.

Including fan-favourite “Independent With You,” she brings carefree fun with “Love Like We’re Drunk” and a clever kiss-off on “Country Anyway,” teaming up with her longtime co-writer Walker Hayes.

Her debut single to country radio “If He Wanted To He Would” is set to hit airwaves on July 25th.

Kylie Morgan – P.S. EP Track List:

1. “Independent With You” (Kylie Morgan, Erik Belz, Palmer Lee)*
2. “If He Wanted To He Would” (Kylie Morgan, Zandi Holup, Ben Johnson)
3. “Love Like We’re Drunk” (Kylie Morgan, Jeff Garrison, Brian White)
4. “Gucci” (Kylie Morgan, Nicolette Hayford, Pete Good)
5. “Country Anyway” (feat. Walker Hayes) (Kylie Morgan, Elaina Jones, Walker Hayes)
6. “Over A Redneck” (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Blake Bollinger)
7. “Mean Girls” (Kylie Morgan, Shane Stevens, Nash Overstreet)

* = “Independent With You” produced by Shane McAnally, Ben Johnson and Erik Belz

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