Lainey Wilson Drops New Track, ‘WWDD’


Lainey Wilson today released her new Dolly Parton-inspired track, “WWDD”, the first of several new monthly releases.

With “WWDD” (What Would Dolly Do?), Lainey shares how she navigates life’s lemons by looking to her role model, Dolly Parton. The high-energy song written by Lainey, Casey Beathard and Michael Heeney, is filled with rocking electric guitar and sassy charm, reminiscent of the song’s star subject.

“I’ve been playin’ a few new songs at my shows and people seem to be liking them so I figured I should put ‘em out so they can keep liking them. I’m kicking off the release series with ‘WWDD’ because people have started singing along to it before the song is even over,” said Lainey Wilson. 

“It makes sense. I don’t know anyone who don’t love Dolly. From her sense of humor, to her look, to her songwritin’, to her singin’ to how she has such an incredible giving heart, to how she’s an awesome businesswoman…Dolly does everything just a little better with a little bow on top. Dolly is an international icon and role model for a lot of folks around the world, so it’s an easy song for a lot of people to relate to.”

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