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Lakeview Share New Song, ‘Message In A Bottle’



Photo Finish Records’ breakout duo Lakeview are throwing one back to a lost love in their brand-new song, “Message in a Bottle” – available now across all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

Written by Lakeview’s Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy alongside Robyn Collins with production by the duo and Jonathan Roach, the lonesome ballad shows a more tender side of the pair— drinking away heartache, sending a few last resort texts, and pouring their hope into a bottle of liquor.

“‘Message in a Bottle’ is the first true ballad that we’ve released, and we’re extremely excited for people to hear this side of Lakeview,” explains Denaro. “The story line is something almost everyone can relate to in one way or another – dealing with heartbreak, and as the whiskey begins to flow, so do those memories of a past love.”

“We’ve always said that our main goal is to write music that everyone can connect with,” Healy continues. “I feel like we really were able to do that when we wrote this song, and we couldn’t be prouder of it.”

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