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LANCO Release New Song, ‘Near Mrs.’



LANCO have returned with their brand new single, ‘Near Mrs.’

It’s often hard times that make us who we are, and for LANCO, that was 2020. However they’ve come out stronger on the other side as these roots-frontier explorers and live-performance junkies were challenged to refocus the band’s drive which led to all-new music and today’s release of “Near Mrs.”

Written by frontman Brandon Lancaster, Shane McAnally and Jeremy Spillman, the gentle slow-burning sway and full-circle theme is a roots-rock anthem of the big-picture wins made possible by life’s little tragedies and is available now at all digital retailers.

“To take last year and turn it into something liberating…it was huge and led to a year of rediscovery for us,” frontman Brandon Lancaster said. “Especially for me as a storyteller.. it’s like, ‘Who is the guy behind ‘Greatest Love Story’ and ‘Born To Love You?’ It’s almost like you can’t move forward until you go back to tell that part of the story.”

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