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Lauren Alaina’s ‘Road Less Traveled’ Is One Of Acceptance…Of Herself



LA_RLT_Cvr_PhotoOnly_HIres_PRINT-768x768Lauren Alaina’s new single, “The Road Less Traveled,” has already touched so many people who are going through a difficult time. Lauren says she has had trouble accepting herself the way she is, especially being in the public eye at a very formative and impressionable age.

“It has been a struggle for me to kind of accept who I am, and I’m on stage every night, and I’m in interviews and I look super-confident, ‘cause I’m outgoing and whatever else, but I have insecurities just like everybody else. It’s been a process,” says Lauren. “I came into the spotlight at 15. I was a baby, I was a baby. [laughs] I was so young, and I was just thrown into this whirlwind of I had a record, and I was on tour with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, all these [things] that I ever dreamed about doing, I had in my hand. But I got caught up in what people had to say about me. I was 15 and kind of in that transitional phase of being a child and into being a woman and my body was changing, and people said things about my weight and the color of my hair and the freakin’ clothes I was wearing, and it ate me alive. I had everything I ever wanted in the palm of my hand, but I was sad and lost.”

The song, which Lauren wrote with her friends Meghan Trainor and Jesse Frasure in the aftermath of recovering from an eating disorder, is on her current self-titled EP.

Lauren is currently on the road with Alan Jackson’s Still Keepin’ It Country Tour.

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