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Lauren Housley Shares New Single, “What’s Troubling You Child”



British Singer-Songwriter Lauren Housley has shared her new single, “What’s Troubling You Child?“, the second single taken from her upcoming third full length album, ‘Girl From The North’, due on April 23rd.

The new single is accompanied by a live performance video – shot and recorded back in February 2020 at New Orleans’ best record shop Euclid Records – as part of the Folk Alliance International conference.

“This song was written as a letter to myself as a young teen. I think we can be really hard on ourselves growing up and I wished I could tell my younger self that I didn’t need to worry so much about certain things. Things would turn out absolutely fine if I trusted my instincts and believed in myself.

I remember that finishing this track took a long time. We had the melody and the chorus for ages but the lyrics were a bit of a battle. I think they were re-written about 10 times but we got where we needed to be with them in the end. They had to be drawn from small moments and memories from my teens but somehow very significant ones. I love the soulful americana vibe of the production, with the slide and horns playing off each other in the chorus. It’s quite full in terms of instruments, but I like that!”

Lauren co-wrote and co-produced Girl From The North with long time collaborator and husband Thomas Dibb at a recording studio they built themselves underneath the venue at which they had their wedding reception. She found herself in a place of self-reflection, all the while navigating her way through her first pregnancy during the global pandemic.  Thomas comments: “This new album from Lauren is a real step up in songwriting and story-telling. She is drawing on inspiration from her childhood: growing up in the working-class town of Rotherham, having big dreams and exploring the world through her art..”

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