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Levi Hummon Returns With New Single, ‘A Home’



Levi Hummon returns with his latest single, “A Home,” available on all digital services providers now. Hummon recently self -penned the song in the midst of a mindful and literal renovation of his home. The accompanying acoustic video will be released the following week. “A Home” is available HERE.

Hummon has a lot of ‘homes” to be thankful for. Growing up in Nashville with GRAMMY®-winning songwriter father, Marcus Hummon, and an internationally renowned humanitarian mother Becca Stevens; Hummon has experienced firsthand what building a strong home is like. He and his father co-wrote a song for this mother’s foundation Thistle Farms called “Love Heals” that speaks to the heart of an open home.  

“2020 was a crazy year for all of us. Instead of touring, I did what a lot of people did during quarantine, I renovated my house. I got the idea for “A Home” while painting the walls.  The whole title and concept for the song hit me all at once. This song is about more than turning a house into a home, it’s about realizing that maybe there’s a reason for all the craziness in the world, maybe 2020 was meant for us to take a minute to slow down and rejoice in the little extra time we get with the people we love.”

Released on F2 Entertainment, “A Home” will be one of the songs on Hummon’s upcoming EP to be released later this Spring.

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