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Levi Hummon Shares Two New Songs From Upcoming EP



Levi Hummon has released two new singles, “Never Wanna Be” and “Same Kind Of Crazy”. Both songs are from 36/86 Side A. More songs will be released from 36/86 Side B, culminating in the release of the 36/86 EP later this Spring.

The 36/86 EP title represents the longitude and latitude of Nashville, Tennessee, Levi’s hometown, and it will feature 4 new songs as well as his streaming hits “Wedding Dress” and “Good Taste”.

On “Never Wanna Be”, written by Levi, along with Matt McVaney, and Marcus Hummon, Levi states, “it is a love song I wrote about coming off the road to make it back in time to be at a party with my girlfriend. Instead of wanting to be at the party, it’s about wanting to leave and just be alone with your person. I kind of laugh about this song because while people might think I’m an extrovert I’m truly an introvert and really enjoy nights on the couch ordering in and relaxing. There’s some truth about social anxiety for me in this and also only wanting to be with the person I showed up for and not wanting to share.”

On “Same Kind Of Crazy”, written by Levi, along with Trannie Anderson, and Dallas Wilson, Levi states “The hook of this song is “you’re the same kind of crazy as me” and that’s exactly what this song is about – finding the person that fits you. I think It’s funny how opposites do attract but I’ve always needed someone with a little bit of a wild side to complete me. I wanted to have this be a complete up-tempo that would fit perfectly in my live set and that’s exactly what we went for.

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