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Lindsay Ell Shares Extended Reality Video Series



Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell celebrates the one year anniversary of her critically-acclaimed concept album heart theory by sharing a seven-part extended reality video series that explores each stage in the grieving process. The videos were aptly filmed in seven different environments that represent each of the stages and were directed and produced by Scott Scovill at Moo TV using extended reality (XR) technology. The series premiered on CMT, where Lindsay spoke in depth about the videos.

heart theory was written largely by Ell, inspired by a monumental break-up; a major health scare; turning 30; and confronting trauma from her childhood for the first time publicly. The album has garnered more than 61 million on-demand streams to date and was nominated for “Country Album of the Year” at Canada’s prestigious Juno Awards.

“It’s amazing to be able to bring the songs off heart theory to life in a new and innovative way. The capabilities of XR are limitless which made it possible for me to communicate the emotions tied to the seven stages of grief,” said Lindsay Ell. “Releasing them all now is an awesome way to celebrate the anniversary of this album.”

“Seven locations in one day! Using extended reality technology we placed Lindsay in seven incredible environments,” said Scott Scovill, owner Moo TV. “Diverse and dangerous places like a burning forest, inside a cave, standing on a ledge in a prison, all from the safety of the Moo TV XR stage, all captured in real time. Like Lindsay, this technology is amazing!”

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