Lisa Wright – ‘Back To You’

Lisa Wright - Back to You artworkBack to You’ is the follow up to Lisa Wright’s 2015 ‘Before I Die’ EP which entered the iTunes country charts at #4Since then the tracks have been featured on country radio both in the US and UK, including airplay on various BBC stations and Amazing Radio. Lisa Wright has a summer of festival appearances ahead of her, including Buckle & Boots, FSA Fest, Wolvestock & Little Mountain festival.

In her own words: “Being in Nashville was surreal and I loved every second of it – I went out there completely on my own so I knew nobody! I’m quite independent and love adventure and travelling so It was a real experience for me.

However, I’m a home girl. I love England and everything about it. So, there was this one day where it was particularly tough – and when you’re on your own in a completely different country, everything you feel seems heightened! I was sitting on this porch swing and thinking about everything I had managed to do whilst I was over here, the wonderful people I’d met and wished more than anything that I had the people I loved here with me – ultimately experience means nothing if you can’t share it.

I was messing about on my guitar and half an hour later, ‘Back to You’ had been written. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a song that quickly… When I got home, I immediately got in touch with a good friend of mine, Rob Gulston (otherwise known as ½ of Holloway Road) and he produced this single.

Everyone always asks who I’m singing about in the song – all in all, it’s England. It’s home.”