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LoCash – I Love This Life (EP)



Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 13.21.21Featuring the single that is all over country radio and advancing rapidly up the Billboard Country Charts, this is the first EP from Preston Brust and Chris Lucas performing as Locash.

You may recall their previous releases. They were formally Locash Cowboys and had moderate success in 2010 with their self titled album. They have kept themselves busy writing and had success with Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”.

The quest for a breakthrough single however has eluded them until now. Having had the opportunity of listening to this 6 track EP I suspect that we are all going to hear quite a lot from Locash.

The quality hooks that we all know from the hit single is repeated throughout. I defy you hear “I know somebody” without nodding your head and singing along. Surely a future single release and another hit record.

There will be inevitable comparisons with Florida Georgia Line and “Drunk Drunk” has the FGL “Sun Daze” feel about it. A fun summer tune.

“Shipwrecked” shows the more mellow side to Locash but still features the instant recognisable hooks that mark songs as future hits.

This EP ends with “Till the wheels fall off”, a personal favourite. A mandolin introduction and a gentle drumbeat leads into a romantic classic. Probably the most “country” song on display here and something I would love to hear performed live.

These are six tracks that showcase the immense song writing and performing talents of Locash and a great taster for the forthcoming album.

Put this in your car and play it on repeat. You’ll be hooked.


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