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Lockeland Drop New Single, ‘Made For Mornings’



Lockeland (Michael Boris, Kyndon Oakes and Mark Vikingstad) have announced the release of “Made For Mornings,” an upbeat tune with passion and emotion that promises to get stuck in your head. The song was written by Renn Anderson, Kyndon Oakes, Mark Vikingstad and Michael Boris.

“The inspiration for our new single, came out of a place where mornings start for many people, Starbucks. The “Made For Mornings” title was on a poster advertising a breakfast sandwich, to which we saw that and said, “that’s a song,” shared Lockeland.

“The three of us along with Renn Anderson, sat down and began to write the story of a night life partier, who without warning, stumbles upon a love that is deep and genuine. The shallowness of his party lifestyle fades away as he finds a sense of renewal in the warmth of a coffee cup with her, instead of cocktails at the bar. We hope that our fans feel the passion, emotion and energy of this song just as much as we do.”

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