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Louise Parker Shares New Single, ‘Just Friends’



Louise Parker has recorded and will be releasing her new single ‘Just Friends’ on October 9th. The song is a follow up to ‘Lie To Me’, which hit number 2 on the UK iTunes country chart. Take a listen and you’ll see why this  new single has become a firm favourite in her sets… 

Louise Parker:

“‘Just Friends’, set at 2am over text message, depicts the epiphany of letting someone go too soon and wanting to reconcile.

I wrote this song in 2018 and have performed it live across the UK/USA, but decided to record and release now after encouragement from my fans. Over the past two years it has become a firm favourite in my sets and, coupled with my cheeky nature, affords me the opportunity to have fun and not take myself too seriously.

Just Friends’ comes hot on the heels of Louise’s two biggest singles to date. Only ‘The Chicks’ stopped Louise from hitting the top of the charts with ‘Lie to Me’, which quickly followed the upbeat duet ‘If You Want Me To’, a song Louise wrote and recorded with UK/Canadian artist Joey Clarkson, which hit the top 5 of the UK iTunes Country Chart.

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