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Luke Bryan’s Latest Single ‘Fast’ Reminds People To ‘Take Things In Stride’



luke-imageLuke Bryan has just released his new single, ‘Fast’, which he wrote with Luke Laird and Rodney Clawson.

Life moves so ‘fast’, so the song is kind of a reminder to Luke and his fans about slowing down and enjoying family and your surroundings. “Every time I come home my boys are bigger and starting to throw me around the house a little more, and one day I’ll snap my fingers and you wish you could have froze time a little bit,” says Luke about his boys Bo, Tate and his nephew Til. “And I think anytime you can help people slow down and reflect on that and remember to take things in stride a little bit better, I think people love hearing that in a song.”

“Fast” is the follow-up to five No. 1 songs from his current album, Kill the Lights.


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