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Maddie & Tae Release Video For ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’



Maddie & Tae just released the video for their holiday offering, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The clip features home videos, studio footage, photos of the duo with their families, significant others and even a few childhood pics.

Since Maddie Marlow has been together with new husband Jonah Font, whom she started dating in high school, the pair have a handful of Christmas traditions already.

“We always get a real tree every year, because Jonah’s a stickler for a real tree thing. We always shave off a little part of the bottom of the tree and make an ornament out of the little thing, so we’ll put the year on all of them and collect them,” says Maddie. “We’ve actually just started collecting nutcrackers, which is super weird, but we name them all. Oh, and White Elephant. We play White Elephant on the Font side of things, and I always end up with the best gift somehow, because Jonah and I tag team White Elephant.”

Taylor Dye (Tae) just got engaged to fiancé, songwriter Josh Kerr, and this will be the first Christmas they will share together, so she hopes to create several Christmas traditions in the future.

“This is Josh and I’s first Christmas together, so I can’t wait to find some traditions that we’ll start to do together,” says Tae. “I bet we’ll make some cookies. I bet we’ll watch a lot of movies.”

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