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Mae Estes Releases Latest Single “I Quit Smokin'”



Mae Estes

Mae Estes has dropped her latest single “I Quit Smokin’” – available now on all digital platforms. The single was co-written by Estes with Paul Sikes, the track’s producer, and Brett Tyler.

Listen HERE.

“One of my favorite things about music is the way it can be interpreted so differently by each listener, so I hope everyone gets whatever they want to get out of ‘I Quit Smokin’.’ To me, it’s a coming-of-age anthem about not settling for less than you deserve,” Estes told Wide Open Country. “It’s a little less ‘traditional’ than my previous release, but somehow still feels fresh and familiar to me at the same time.”

“I Quit Smokin'” follows the release of Mae’s critically-acclaimed single, “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin’.”

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