Matt Stell Releases ‘That Ain’t Me No More’ Music Video



Matt Stell has shared his cinematic new music video for “That Ain’t Me No More.”

Directed by Dustin Haney and filmed in the Nashville area, the video follows Matt’s character as he attempts to overcome a troubled past, turn over a new leaf and come to terms with the fact that his ex-girlfriend has moved on to someone new. The cut opens with Matt trying to get a job at a concrete plant, something not unfamiliar to Matt who worked construction at home in Arkansas prior to making it in music.

“I can’t wait for people to see the video. It tells the story of the song in a really interesting way,” says Stell. “It got me back on a job site working like I used to do before I moved to Nashville. In the video I also get my heart broken by a beautiful girl, which I know a thing or two about. I got to do some acting in this video—technically it’s only one line (actually five words) but I didn’t mess it up so that’s a win. I’m proud of this song and I’m proud of this video! Check it out!”

“That Ain’t Me No More” is the follow up to his back-to-back #1 singles “Prayed For You” and “Everywhere But On.”


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