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Matt Stell Shares New Single “Boyfriend Season”



Matt Stell

Matt Stell has shared his latest track, ‘Boyfriend Season‘, following the success of US radio single ‘That Ain’t Me No More’ last year. Co-written by Stell with Zach Abend, Seth Ennis and Geoff Warburton, and co-produced by the artist with Ash Bowers, ‘Boyfriend Season’ marked his first new music in seven months and gives fans a taste of new music to come in 2022.

“When it comes to break-ups I think everybody spends a lot of time in their own head, especially deep down when you know that breaking up might be a mistake, it might be your fault, or at least you could’ve done more to give the relationship a fair chance of succeeding,” said Stell of the new song. 

He added, “That’s a kinda hard thing to face, so I think sometimes we try to talk ourselves into feeling better about the situation.‘That Ain’t Me No More’ and ‘Everywhere But On’ is this happening from the guy’s perspective. ‘Boyfriend Season’ is the flip side of the coin where the girl in the song is having to deal with those feelings of not having 100% closure on stuff. And  also, “tell your friends it ain’t boyfriend season” is also really fun to yell at a concert!”

Matt also shared a ‘fan video’, comprised of real footage submitted by fans “living their best single life,” to celebrate the release of the track.

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