Megan O’Neill Releases Video For New Single ‘Ghost Of You’


‘Ghost of You’ was filmed and directed by Declan Creffield, featuring actors Morwenna Hocken & Tom Claxton. Describing the inspiration, O’Neill said: “The song itself is about living with the ghost of your past, the ghost of someone you love and the lyrics don’t specify if it’s about a loved one that’s no longer with us or one that is, but just is no longer in your life. I wanted this video to end with the viewer still not sure whether or not there is a happy ending – in the same way that the lyrics are unexplanatory. You’ll see what I mean! It has certainly been a new experience having a full story board music video and me not being in it!  But it’s been such a fun process and everyone involved did an incredible job”

Megan and her band return to the stage on February 10th for a headline show at Under The Bridge, London, as part of the Nashville Nights event.

Fans can also stream/download the new single on Spotify and all other platforms now, or listen to the track via Soundcloud here.

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