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Michael Boris Of Lockeland Announces Engagement To AC Jones



Michael Boris, member of the rising country trio Lockeland, has announced his engagement to fellow country newcomer, AC Jones!

During lockdown, having met her at an event in 2020, Michael shot a friendly DM message to AC, upon seeing her comment on a recent post of his. The conversation, which both attest would likely not have happened under any other circumstance, quickly turned into a brief exchange that more than piqued the other’s interest.  

“Something in my gut told me to reach out to AC. The more we communicated via Facebook Messenger, the more of a connection I felt with her” explains Michael. “I offered to buy her a cup of coffee the next time she was in town, and so I messaged her my number.”  

As the conversations continued over the next couple of days via text, phone, and Zoom, Michael and AC began to explore topics beyond music and realized how much they had in common.

The relationship continued to deepen across the miles and on New Year’s Day, Michael caught a plane to spend a week with AC in Youngstown. On February 24th, returned to visit for a long weekend, which would change the course of their lives forever. When the couple arrived back at AC’s apartment, Michael pulled out a handwritten note for AC. In this note, he was not speaking as merely a boyfriend to AC, but he was speaking as something more. After promises and proclamations of his undying love  in the note, he gave instructions to turn over the card. On the back of the card read, “Which leads me to my next question…”.

And just like that, Michael Boris and AC Jones became engaged to be married!  

“The reality of being away from someone you love is always a consequence of being an artist and a unique challenge to any relationship” says Michael. “That being said, therein lies the blessing from God. Right from the start, he has been teaching us how to love one another through a computer screen. AC and I fell deeply in love before we ever had the chance to embrace each other in person. We  choose to see our distance for what it is… a blessing. As each day goes by, the pain of missing each other always stings, but He gives us the confidence and the strength to be joyful in spite of our circumstances.”

Congrats, guys!

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