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Michael Ray Teases ‘Whiskey and Rain’ Music Video



Michael Ray has teased the official music video for his latest single “Whiskey And Rain” with a prequel, presenting visualizer elements and a cinematic theme.
With two hit albums, five RIAA-Gold certified songs and three No. 1’s under his belt, Ray released “Whiskey And Rain,” the lead single from his upcoming third project, while looking back on the songs and heroes he grew up with, equipped to deliver what he loves about country music: storytelling, vulnerability and honesty.
“I miss story songs that you have to listen to all the way through to understand. This song is everything I love about country music – traditional country music, like Tim McGraw and Earl Thomas Conley, and I want to bring that back,” shares Ray.

Written by Josh Thompson and Jesse Frasure and produced by Ross Copperman, “Whiskey And Rain” is “a throwback to brooding songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s with production by Ross Copperman.

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