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Michaela Anne Shares ‘If I Wanted Your Opinion’ Video



Michaela Anne has shared the official music video for ‘If I Wanted Your Opinion’.

Featured on 2019’s critically acclaimed Desert Dove and inspired by a Shania Twain-type sass, “If I Wanted Your Opinion” is Anne’s rallying cry to keep your opinions and judgments to yourself if they are critical of others. 

“The song is inspired by my, and my co-writer Mary Bragg’s, shared frustration with unsolicited opinions, specifically as women,” explains Anne. “We wanted to create a fun anthemic PSA of sorts asserting ourselves as independent beings, not needing to adhere to or listen to the expectations or ‘advice’ put upon us.” 

“I was inspired by the kitschy fun videos of the pop-country female stars of the 1990s and wanted to include that spirit in the video,” says Anne about the video.

“Showing that while we are serious about our assertions of confidence and independence, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I work with a lot of young girls, and through the years, I have seen how their confidence and audacity erodes as they age,” says Anne.

“I want to do my best to help young girls hold onto that courage to be unapologetically themselves, so I wanted the video to include that fun, youthful feminine strength. So we invited one of my students, an aspiring singer, and songwriter, Carlisle Wright, to play the role of the young girl.”

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