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Michaela Anne Shares New Single, ‘Burn My Bridges’



Following the success of Desert Dove, Michaela Anne today releases a second new single, “Burn My Bridges.”  Produced by Kelly Winrich and Sam Outlaw, the track harkens back to Michaela’s earlier country leaning material.

Paying homage to Rodney Crowell’s “Ain’t Living Long Like This,” the track serves as a fun, dance honkey tonker.

“There was a stretch of time in my life that I was partying a little too hard, a little too often, in my personal opinion,” says Anne. “I remember waking up one morning with another terrible hangover and thinking, I just can’t keep living like this. My next thought was, ‘I should write that song,’ immediately followed by, ‘Rodney Crowell already wrote that (Ain’t Living Long Like This).’ Shortly after, I got together with my buddy Jeff Malinowski to write. He showed me this chorus he had started called “Burn My Bridges.”

It felt serendipitous. Like he had already started the song that was ringing in my head. We finished it that day. And I love that we were able to tip our hats to Rodney’s classic song with a line in the second verse. No matter what direction I explore musically, it always feels so good to come back to what feels like a fun dance honky tonker.”

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