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Mickey Guyton Announces New EP, ‘Bridges’



Mickey Guyton will release a new EP, Bridges, on September 11.

The songs featured on Bridges were co-written by Mickey over the last two years and include the critically acclaimed, previously released tracks “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?,” “Black Like Me” and current single “Heaven Down Here.” The EP features co-writers including Karen Kosowski, Hillary Lindsey, Jesse Frasure, Nathan Chapman and Victoria Banks.

“Two years ago, this project didn’t feel like it was even a possibility,” shares Guyton. “This EP proves that in your darkest moments, you can have your biggest breakthroughs.  I think back to all of the obstacles in my life and career, including writing and recording most of this EP in quarantine during a time of social unrest, and how it has all led to the birth of this beautiful project. I hope these songs provide others with the same happiness and strength they have provided me in these uncertain times.”

Bridges Track Listing:

  1. “Heaven Down Here”*

(Mickey Guyton, Gordie Sampson, Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey)

  1. “Bridges”*

(Mickey Guyton, Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks, Emma-Lee)

  1. “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?”*

(Mickey Guyton, Karen Kosowski, Victoria Banks, Emma-Lee)

  1. “Rosé”**

(Mickey Guyton, Victoria Banks, Karen Kosowski)

  1. “Salt”*

(Mickey Guyton, Jesse Frasure, Carly Barlowe, Steven Lee Olsen)

  1. “Black Like Me”+

(Mickey Guyton, Nathan Chapman, Fraser Churchill, Emma Davidson-Dillon)

*Produced by Karen Kosowski
** Produced by Karen Kosowki and Forest Whitehead
+Produced by Nathan Chapman and Forest Whitehead

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