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Midland Share New “Sunrise Tells The Story” Video



Sunrise Tells The Story

Midland have shared their new music video for “Sunrise Tells The Story”, directed by bassist and harmony singer Cameron Duddy.

“We’ve always loved pop culture,” says Cameron Duddy, “and the way it threads through how people live. Done properly, it becomes what people reference in their lives… and when we were trying to think of how to represent this song, we wanted something more than just the obvious reference to a guy and a girl getting together.”

“And,” adds guitarist/vocalist Jess Carson, “we wanted to show people our own dynamic, too. How do you show our friendship in a way that’s not just a bunch of guys on the road?”

“No one story really serves what’s going on here,” says Wystrach. “If you’ve been around us, we’re always pranking each other, because that’s who we are. But this song is something completely else. How do you show that? That’s where the three of us being us comes in, so it’s not so serious or so much a sexy video.”

“Cam wanted to raise the stakes, and what is more serious or important than our military?” adds Wystrach. “My father is a decorated veteran, and I know how protective those men are of their daughters! There couldn’t be a worse choice of a girl to fall in love with, but the heart wants what it wants. Plus, if there’s anyone who’s going to be a little fast and loose at a party, no matter where, it’s us…”

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