Mitchell Tenpenny Releases Self-Titled EP & Debut Single ‘Drunk Me’

Singer/songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny has released his self-titled EP and debut single, “Drunk Me,” on Riser House/Columbia Nashville. The EP, which includes new and previously released music (track listing below), showcases Tenpenny’s rich, gritty, soul-infused music that is tethered in themes intrinsic to the South. Get the self-titled EP and 1st single HERE.

Mitchell Tenpenny EP Track Listing

  1. “Truck I Drove in High School”
    Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan M. Schmidt/Andrew Albert/Devin Dawson (BMI/ASCAP)
  2. “Drunk Me”
    Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan M. Schmidt/Justin Wilson (BMI/ASCAP/SESAC)
  3. “Alcohol You Later”
    Mitchell Tenpenny/Sam Sumser/Michael Lotten (BMI/ASCAP)
  4. “Mixed Drinks”
    Mitchell Tenpenny/Andrew Albert/Jordan Walker (BMI/ASCAP)
  5. “Bitches”
    Mitchell Tenpenny/Dallas Wilson (BMI)

Produced by Jordan M. Schmidt, co-produced by Mitchell Tenpenny, except track 3 produced by Sam Sumser.