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Morgan Wade Announces Deluxe Edition Of “Reckless”



Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade has announced the deluxe edition of her critically-acclaimed album Reckless, offering six additional tracks and arriving January 28th.
The album featured the hit single ‘Wilder Days’, which is currently on the BBC Radio 2 A-List and was featured as their Record Of The Week over the Christmas period.
“I wrote to save myself,” Wade allows of her to-the-bone songs. “It’s something that benefitted me throughout childhood. I didn’t share it with anybody, but I could be honest with myself. I didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought… and (now) I’ve had these great big men come up to me after shows to tell me I’m saying what everybody’s thinking.
“So I figure if I keep saying the things I want to say, people are going to be thinking them, running straight into those feelings.”

‘Run’ is available ahead of the release. A yearning song of wishing to be anywhere but there, Wade’s voice flutters through the trapped small town kid’s truth: “What if we run, what if we get away/ There ain’t a single reason for us to stay… Can we fly somewhere foreign, get me high and mess me up until the morning.”
Wade explains, “Honestly, the more exposed I am, the better it makes me feel. There are a million fake people out there, and who needs more of those? Who listens to them? Or believes it? If you’re struggling, and you put it out there, people actually say, ‘I really connected with (whatever the content).’ In making other people feel less alone, somehow I’m less alone. So I give away my feelings, then I get a sense I’m not the only one.”
Morgan Wade will be visiting the UK in March, for the first time since the release of Reckless. She will be performing on the main stage of C2C festival as part of their Introducing Nashville series, which see artists taking the stage together in an acoustic line-up to share the stories behind their songs.

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