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Morgan Wade Releases “Take Me Away” Video



Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade, one of the stars of this year’s C2C Festival, has shared a music video for her new track ‘Take Me Away’.

“Making videos, especially ones that aren’t so literal, gives people other tastes and flavours – and room for their own story,” says the Floyd, Virginia songwriter. “It pulls them into the music, both the song and what this whole album is, because the pieces together show you all the ways someone can be broken down, can desire, can engage… that’s a bigger truth than any one song.”

Shot by celebrated photographer and filmmaker David McClister, a contributor to the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography’s Country: Portraits of an American Sound, Wade retreated to an abandoned building in Watertown, Tennessee to face the camera alone – and seek the solace she requires, embrace the need the song suggests and perhaps break out of her own self-imposed exile in the face of whatever was weighing her down so profoundly.

Filmed largely in tight portraits of the vocalist, some straight to the viewer, some captured as more documentary footage, what emerges is the torment of those lost hours people face, uncertain, frustrated and aching.

“But in the end,” Wade says, “she saves herself. I love that this video shows that paralysed place, the sadness that is overwhelming. But then after trying the door, she picks up a chair and busts out a window. She knows she needs to escape – and does it by any means necessary. Any means!

“And when she steps through the window, and into the day, you can feel the relief and how beautiful the springtime is. It’s an instant blast of better – which is the whole point, really.”

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