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Morgan Wallen Celebrates #1 Success Of ‘Whiskey Glasses’



Big Loud Records breakout star MORGAN WALLEN celebrated multi-week #1 and chart-breaking barstool anthem “Whiskey Glasses” on Monday with a packed-out party at Nashville’s The Sutler, hosted by BMI and ASCAP.

Toasting to an already buzz-filled summer, the room filled with friends, family and industry playmakers joined songwriters BEN BURGESS (BMI) and KEVIN KADISH (ASCAP) to cheers the monumental third single from Wallen’s debut album IF I KNOW ME, produced by Joey Moi.

“This is obviously a special day for me. No matter how many milestones and achievements I’ve gotten to experience so far, I always think back through my life and what got me here,” said Wallen. “To anyone who has helped with this song, my album, or anything that has to do with my career, just know that it doesn’t go unnoticed. I will do my best to give my 100 percent from here on out. I always have, and I hope I will be able to do that for a long time.”

Adding to the excitement, Wallen is back on Country radio airwaves this week with breezy fan-favorite “Chasin’ You,” captivating listeners on playlists nationwide as the most-added single of the week with 40 stations already on board.

“Chasin’ You” is Wallen’s fourth single from IF I KNOW ME, but his first release to radio with a writing credit. Penned by Wallen, Craig Wiseman and Jamie Moore, the easy-rolling, mid-tempo number traces the lines of what could have been in a love gone wrong.

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