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neonPPL Release ‘ONElittleTOWN’ Featuring Brett Young



neonPPL have shared a new song, releasing the stirring “ONElittleTOWN” with special guest Brett Young available to listen HERE. Perhaps the best encapsulation of the group’s mission statement, the transcendent track delights in the shared human experience. Infused with Motown and pop, the song realizes, as both the male—Brett Young—and female sing, “we’re all the same kind of different.” The release of the new song follows their debut track “beYOUtiful” that Billboard praised for its “slick beats and a soaring chorus.” neonPPL has no face—and no individual identities with the purpose of spreading a message of positivity, inclusivity and warmth and is a collaborative group made up of Nashville creators, plus a rotating cast of guests.

“Through our music, our goal isn’t to tell you how to feel, but more so just to hope that the songs make you feel something,” shared neonPPL. “We want to give affirmation and a feeling of acceptance through them. We’re happy Brett joined us for this song and we hope it spreads the positive message we’re hoping to convey with this music. We are all neonPPL.”

neonPPL realized early in its recording sessions that their shared output—supported by percolating drum machines and glowing strings and dressed up with airy atmospherics—surpassed any of their single names. As such, their energy and their cause will stand in front, not their individual names or identities, remaining anonymous with the goal of spreading a message of people embracing everyone. In a time marked by division and anger, neonPPL provides an alternative; an invitation to join hands, remark on the art that comes from the ordinary, and accept and emit love. It is a movement and an invitation to pay forward some true, feel-good energy and shine bright during hard times.

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