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New Release Round-Up: June 4th



Rarely do we have a batch of new UK releases to include in our new release highlights list, but this week is the exception. Keep them coming, guys!


Emily released her debut EP back in 2018 and has been building a reputation on the UK country music circuit.  She was also featured on our recent ‘Nashville Sounds In The Lounge’ show, where she performed this new single.

The lyrics will resonate with many in these troubling times.


We have just passed the anniversary of 2019’s Buckle & Boots, when Backwoods Creek were able to demonstrate just how awesome they are collectively as a band. They doubled up as a backing band for William Michael Morgan and Lewis Brice, as well as performing their own set.

The best compliment we can give is that you would not have known that they were substitutes.

‘On the Line’ is bona fide Country-Rock. We know that the guys are Zac Brown Band fans, and this sounds like something that ZBB would perform, and again that is meant as a great compliment.


Dexeter, the band, were at the forefront of UK country music when YLIAS began almost 5 years ago. Their dominance and seemingly inevitable breakthrough into the mainstream was due, in a large part, to Deeanne’s awesome vocals.

The band went their separate ways in 2018, and it has taken a while for Deeanne to continue as a solo artist, but her new single ‘Women Like You’ has been embraced with the attention that it deserves.

She was able to preview it on Bob Harris’s Country Show last week on Radio 2 to rave reviews, and it’s also been featured on Country Hits Radio. It’s great to see her back.


We have consistently banged the drum for Kevin’s music and career. His brand of R&B-infused Country stands up against anything that Nashville is producing.

‘On Time’ is the culmination of 2 and a half months of lock down, which in itself has to be admired.

We are pleased to see that Country Hits Radio are also on his case, having made ‘On Time’ one of their records of the week.


Anyone who has had the pleasure of having visited California’s forests will know the majesty of the redwood trees that thrive there and live for well over a 1000 years.

Cam’s Californian upbringing and her proximity to these living goliaths (she grew up with a redwood tree in her backyard) forms the backdrop to a song that relates to the passing of human years, which represents such a modest proportion of the trees’ lifespan.

She wrote the song with long time collaborators Anders Mouridson (her guitarist) and Tyler Johnson, and it’s the latest release from her second album, due later this year.


East Texan Kolby Cooper’s ‘If I Still Had It’ was the highest debut in the Texas/Red Dirt charts this week at #4.

He released his debut album, ‘Good Ones Never Last’, last year and is releasing a 5-track EP in August. This is the first release from it. We also hope that he had a good 21st birthday last week!

One to watch out for…


Let’s start by saying that Emily’s last single, ‘How The Car’s Running’, is our favourite song so far this year. Emily Ann Roberts should be enjoying chart success with that absolute gem.

She has followed it up with ‘Kissing Queen’, another that fully deserves to be highlighted and backed by radio and media outlets.

If this lady continues to release songs of this quality, it can surely only be a matter of time before she breaks through.


Seaforth produced the best EP of 2019 in our opinion. They would have been the star break through act of this year’s C2C, had they been able to showcase their talent and vocal prowess to the UK crowds.

That has all been delayed, but we confidently predict that this Aussie duo, Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, who now live and work in Nashville and are signed with Sony Music, will be huge.

‘Everything Falls For You’ is their next chapter along that road.


Jillian’s musical output over the last couple of years has been exceptional. This piano ballad displays her soulful voice at its best, and details the good that exists in the world despite the set backs that 2020 has so far inflicted on us all.

It was written and recorded in a week with her husband and fellow performer, Bryan Brown, and her brother-in-law Tofer, who also produced her two previous EPs.

She’s been a regular visitor to the UK ,and we look forward to seeing her again as soon as the world regains some normality!

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