New Release Round-Up: November 18th



Thomas Rhett is never predictable with his style of country music. He’s just as likely to duet with a pop or R&B artist as a mainstream Nashville artist.

However, he’s a traditional country artist at heart. We can glean that much from the selection of song titles that he says inspired him growing up. ‘What’s Your Country Song’ name-checks a bunch of old song titles that form the backdrop to the track.

It was written with Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure, Parker Welling and Dad, Rhett Atkins, and will be included on TR’s fifth studio album, coming in the new year.


A new track from Abby Anderson is always welcome, and ‘Don’t Matter Now’ was written whilst feeling down-beat about the onset of cooler and shorter days when the summer months have passed.

It was written with Melissa Pierce and Ben West, who also produced the song.

The rest of the year seems to be tied up with preparations for her forthcoming wedding to fiancée Tyler, but we certainly can’t complain about the lack of new music this year from Abby.


It’s been a little over three years since Kenny’s ‘Deep Cuts’ album was released, and we are all yearning for the next project from the Nashville-based singer songwriter who appeared at C2C London in 2019.

He’s now released a song that he says was written a number of years ago. He describes it as a “feel good, 90’s style love song” that he has recorded with fellow Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Mae Estes.

It’s the first release from Kenny’s new project, ‘The Vintage Collection’, a collection of previously unreleased songs from his back catalogue that hadn’t seen the light of day.


Gabrielle has a famous surname and a very famous brother. She’s the elder sister of Shay Mooney, and they grew up together on the family farm in Arkansas.

She used to write and record under the name Lyrx, but has now reverted back to her birth name for future recordings. She co-wrote Walker Hayes’ single ‘90’s Country’ under her pen name.

‘Pray For You’ is her new single, and is a ballad inspired by a past relationship that she had with a guy who couldn’t be faithful of truthful.


Tim McGraw is gearing up for the release of another greatest hits collection. This time, it features a collection of hits from his time at Big Machine, and is entitled ‘McGraw Machine Hits 2013 – 2019′.

‘Redneck Girl’ is a bonus track on the album, and was recorded with the Midland guys and David Bellamy, who wrote the song and released it as a Bellamy Brothers single in 1982.

Blake Shelton also covered the song in 2007 for the ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ soundtrack.


Sarah Buxton wrote this song in 2019 with Tofer Brown and Abe Stoklasa,  and couldn’t have known how the lyrics would resonate in the world as it is now.

Sarah is releasing her 6-track EP, ‘Signs Of Life’, on 30th November which she describes as a collection that is a “piece of my heart”.

She’s best known to date as the writer of ‘Stupid Boy’, that was covered by Keith Urban and earned a Grammy Award.


A song that we have featured previously on our weekly list. It was written by Mize with Donovan Woods and Travis Wood. This new version with pop-country artist and TikTok star Alexandra Kay presents a new perspective, allowing us to hear the other side of the break up story.

Alexandra was featured on the Netflix music reality series, ‘Westside’, and is part of TikTok group The 615 House.


Australian Catherine Britt had an extended spell in Nashville before relocating back home.

She had three top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs between 2002 and 2008, but her recent fame has been in Australia, where she won Female Artist of the Year in 2019, and has now recorded seven albums.

‘Fav’rit Song’ is the second song lifted from her soon-to-be-released new album, ‘Home Truths’, and is about the many connections you make as a result of country music. Something we can all vouch for.

It’s her follow-up to ‘I Am A Country Song’, which was a huge hit in Australia, reaching #3 in the national country airplay chart.


We featured Outlaw country artist Mickey Lamantia previously on our weekly update, and we couldn’t overlook his latest release, written with Kyle Reagan.

It’s his ‘toast’ to the veterans of Americans who served for their country, and is the first release from his new ‘Honky Honk Confessions Series 4’, the fourth and final edition of the series of EP’s.


A lady who has been receiving a lot of media attention is Kalie Shorr, who has been featured heavily by Bobby Bones and the national music press.

‘Lying To Myself’ is her new single, and a track from her new ‘Open Book: Unabridged’ album, set to be released on December 4th.

It’s a song that was written following an unsuccessful relationship in Los Angeles, and emphasises her personal mistakes.

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