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Noah Schnacky Releases New Album “Thoughtfully Reckless”



Noah Schnacky

Noah Schnacky has shared his new album Thoughtfully Reckless, out now via Big Machine Records. Penning eleven of the twelve tracks, his heart-on-his-sleeve writing is on display across the compilation of stories of loss and love. 

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“This collection is raw and hopeful. Sometimes it’s hard to put out there but it’s authentically everything I’ve been through myself, put in chronological order,” Noah shares. “I just hope that it connects. I hope someone hears this music and feels like they’re not alone, and it leaves them uplifted.”


1.“Wherever You Are” Troy Cartwright, Benjy Davis, Daniel Ross                       
2.“Hello Beautiful” (2020 Version) | Noah Schnacky, Zachary Hall, Jodi Marr, Johnny Reid
3. “Don’t You Wanna Know” w/ Jimmie Allen | Noah Schnacky, Josh Dorr, Dylan Guthro      
4. “Feels Like Love” | Noah Schnacky, Ross Copperman, Matt Rogers
5. “Maybe We Will” (2020 Version) | Noah Schnacky, JT Harding, Ilya Toshinskiy
6. “I’ll Be The One” Noah Schnacky, Seth Ennis, Jordan M. Schmidt                              
7. “Last Name” Noah Schnacky, Nelly Joy, Jason Reeves                              
8. “Meet The Man” Noah Schnacky, Jake Rose, Jordan M. Schmidt
9.“Where’d You Go” | Noah Schnacky, Mark Holman, Tommy Lee James                       
10. “She Broke My Heart” Noah Schnacky, Lindsay Rimes, Laura Veltz          
11. “Comeback” Noah Schnacky, JT Harding, Lindsay Rimes
12. “Every Girl I’ve Ever Loved” Noah Schnacky, Josh Kear, Lindsay Rimes

One of Country music’s leading TikTok sensations with over 7.7 million followers and a NYCountry Swag 2021 Artists To Watch, Noah has garnered over 92 million streams with his self-titled EP. He has amassed a vigorous grassroots core who are drawn to his modern Country sound immersed in bright melodies and lyrics. Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta took notice as the fast-rising newcomer’s self-released “Hello Beautiful” skyrocketed over one million streams in just eight days as “Maybe We Will” subsequently sustained the earlier success. 

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