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Noah Schnacky Releases Two New Songs



Country music newcomer Noah Schnacky has released two new songs, “Comeback” and “Where’d You Go”, via Big Machine Records.

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Co-penned by Lindsay Rimes and JT Harding, “Comeback” delivers a side of Noah Schnacky that fans have not seen before wrapped in a steady paced and melodious tune.

“This song came straight from my heart, during a hard time in my life,” offers Schnacky. “On one hand, sharing this part of myself with them is terrifying, but on the other hand it’s exciting.” 

The additional track from the multi-single release, “Where’d You Go”, came about as a collaboration between Schnacky, Mark Holman and Tommy Lee James to bring to life a vision he had growing up of finding his future wife. The TikTok anthem launches Schnacky’s “Cyber Date Social Initiative”, giving fans the opportunity to win one of three cyber dates with Noah by simply pre-saving the tracks, engaging on socials and sharing their love for the songs.

“The cyber date idea is really exciting to me,” Noah explains. “I’m all about meeting new people and I thought this would be a fun way to connect on a new level.” 

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